The Invitation

by Ran$om Money

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released March 15, 2013

Executive Producers: Bastion and Ran$om Money
Recorded and Mixed by Rick Hertz



all rights reserved


Ran$om Money Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn duo ChillSim and 3DM make up the outfit Ran$om Money. This February, Chill Sim (1/2 of Ran$om Money) will be releasing his newest solo project, “Reign”. His songs are filled with the truths and stories of his environment, real life without the gimmicks. Reign is a beautiful display of lyrical skill meshed with timeless production from Phill Glass and longtime in-house producer Bastion. ... more

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Track Name: Rip and Run
Rip & Run

Got a couple bad bitches eyeing me
Cuz I'm lookin so sharp like Lions teeth
On the sneak
She a freak a leek
She ain't never ever met a nigga smooth as me
Cool as me
And I ain't even gotta wear no jewelry
You're a fool to me
Remind me of a Tom Foolery
I'm just chillin out
Where my honeymoon will be
Laid back
Smoking that Cali Tree
While I lay with bad bitch next to me
Don't gotta trick on her
She sex for free
But my time is my money
She respect the G
She take the D
While she on E
And we fuck all night til she seeing Z'a
Phone on the dresser next to the keys
Chuck the deuce up then I'm yelling peace

Chorus 2x:
I poked her then I dipped
Poked her than I dipped

I just poked her then I dipped
Poked her then I dipped uh

Poked her then I dipped
Poked her then I dipped
See I ride around clean Man I
Poke her than I dip

Verse 2:
I don't trust no bitch
Only look out for my momma
Til the day I see her happy
Lookin cleaner than Obama
I ain't tryna bring no drama
But these bitches looking thirsty though
Fuck the same nigga
Then they claim they not a thirsty hoe
I ain't tryna cuff
I'm just tryna see whats good for the moment
And I gotta own it
Man I got enough swag
I could loan it
Bitches swaggerjacking
And these niggas do it too
Bitches think they Cinderella
But they never fit the shoe
Strokin all these women
Slippin in different positions
Different women swallow children
Blowin Piff and call it living
I play Jordan she play Pippen
Way I'm assisting this dick in
Young nigga richie richin
Off this Ran$om Money Livin'
Track Name: What's Happenin'
im a hot boy
im a cool nigga
im a nigga who bout his cash what it do nigga
im a fly boy
u a dumb nigga
im abitious with a vicious flow plus i go to school niggga
now imagine that
i spit crack
better get back
click clack x marks the spot
like a tic tac
hit that then i split that
intelligent nigga never spittin riff raff
plus i got the gift ofgab
who that cool cat
wearin beanies and fresh snapbacks
all about a dolla
look at the haters
as they all wanna follow
only fuck bitches who only wanna swallow
u only fuck once yeah that my motto
bout to take up a notch
push it up a full throttle
vip poppin rose bottles
live for today dont think about tomorrow
but u a wack nigga
so i feel no sorrow no pain
cus walkin round actin like u got no shame
future interscope nigga cus u got no game
getting head from a dame
that ill never see again
then i cut the top off when im rolling paper planes
damn it feel good when u a player like me
grade a swagger
grade a beats
running through rappers with some grade a kleets
grade a sheets
with a bad ass bitch
man i walk around shining
i dont gotta a offswitch
yeah im a mogul in the makin no hesatitin for ways to get the bacon debilitating any hating and all faking
im up in this bitch and thats for the taken
nah im in this bitch yeh her pussy taken
cus im penatrating
and my motivation
to have all my seeds in a better nation
bout to take off
need a vacation
need a vacation
Ransom Money nigga uhh!!
Bastion What's Happenin
Bastion What's Happenin
Track Name: Winning

I wake up in the morning
Damn what a day
Lookin in my wallet
Thinking that I got a mil to make
Mil to take
Top floor meetings
That I'm finna take
Lookin in the mirror like "goddamn that niggas great"
Put on the truey jeans
With the Jordan's on my feet
Got the swagger so complete
Bout to call a shorty up and fuck her to sleep
Then I call up all the homies cause you know they never phony
Told em light it
Don't fight it
Cause if you do
I know your corny

Ran$om Money livin'
With no children
Paparazzi flash when I walk through the building

Rock star livin
Dime piece women
Everybody know Ran$om Money niggas winnin'

Verse 2:
Ran$om Money niggas winnin
Everybody know we winnin
Got that drank in my cup
So you know that I'm leanin
Go and pop a Molly
You can meet me in the lobby
In the hotel
Do you copy
Walk up in the club with a few hotties
VIP prolly
Tryna get naughty
When she pulled it out
She had sworn it was a shotty
Ooohh La Di Da Di
She made it a sex party
It ain't Kung Fu
Bussin chops like Miyagi
Track Name: Baby Baby
Baby Baby

Baby Baby
How u do me like that?
Wit that ass in them jeans
Got me lookin like damn
Make a player fantasize
Bout what's in between them thighs
I just realized
Don't act surprised
When I make you my baby

Baby Baby

I don't wanna lie
I want you right by my side

Verse 2:
Knockout cause you got that 1,2
Love your mind and your body
Plus you got that smile too
And the sex is off the charts
Never did it in the dark
I wanna see yo face
While I knock it out the park
Young Derek Jeter
Stealing all the bases
Don't gotta go advanced
I could please you with basics
Baby can you taste it?
The flavor of victory
Cause all we do is win
When I feel your lips kissin me
Holdin and Grippin me
I'll never trade it all
All we had was nothin
Now we finally bout to ball
Don't care what they say
We gonna make it anyway
No time schedule
We gonna make it any day
Trips to Abu Dhabi
And we can go to Paris, France
We can go hit up the clubs
Just to do the money dance
But all jokes aside
You made a player realize
It's not what's between your thighs
It's your heart
That's what made you my baby
Track Name: Poetic Honesty
Poetic Honesty

Poetic Honesty
But honestly I brag
I don't boast
They gon respect this shit
From the both of the coasts
Wave your hands from side to side
Do yo dance if ya paper right
We gonna celebrate
Levitate cuz we so medicated

And we be hella faded
Livin our lives having fun
Giving the boombap rap
That's what I heard as a young'n
And Public Enemy
Nasty Nas
And The B.I.G
All props due to the ones before
Showed me how to rap
So I respect it more
It's in my soul
Man it's in my core
Rushing home just to listen
Like its a household chore
It groomed me up to the man I've become
Whether rough as DMX
Or lyrical like Big Pun
Gangsta like a 50 Cent
Intellect like KRS-One
Swagger like jagger
On this microphone
Achin for the bacon
So I bring paper home
Do world tours
Fill the superdome
Then after the show get the super dome
Don't blame me it's the life I live
Giving poetic honesty is the truth I give
Truth I give
Truth I give
Giving poetic honesty is the truth I give (2x)

I gotta do this shit for my niggas
(For my niggas)
I gotta do this shit for my bitches
(For my bitches)
I gotta do this for people all across the globe
That ain't got nobody
And they call music home
This they only sanctuary
Light one up and embrace the Mary
Sit back
Relax and let's be merry
No need to fret when times get dreary
Just ride out
Ride out
So high
Like a red eye flight out
No low blows
I take the high route
Work all day
And when it's night out
And I'm gone